Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The BEST day of Wendy's life!

*Wendy's adorable, new toothless grin!

Let's rewind to Saint Patrick's Day. My Wendy came into my office for a teeth cleaning. I gasped when I noticed she had her first loose tooth! My first reaction was sadness that my baby was growing up too fast. But later that day, Wendy asked me, "Mom, was grandma sad when you had your first loose tooth?" My answer kinda slapped me in the face, "No, actually she was really excited for me." Mom fail. I realized in that moment I needed to change my attitude about the whole situation (not just the tooth situation, but her growing up in general). My mom was really good about that sort of thing. She made you feel like you were now part of an exclusive club and celebrated the milestones instead of getting weepy about it. I'm going to make an effort to be more like that. 

Fast forward to today: after throwing some major, overly-tired kid meltdowns as we left Disneyland, including the phrase, "This is the worst day ever!" Wendy realized her loose tooth was EXTRA loose. Her mood started to change as we reached our car in the world's 2nd largest parking garage (after Disneyland Asia) and she focused on wiggling. As we drove away, she started taking bets on whether it would fall out today or tomorrow. The fact that Harvey & I bet on "today" lifted her mood tremendously. Right before we got on the freeway she yanked her own tooth out and I heard a squeal of excitement from the backseat. I made a big deal about it and we called daddy and both grandmas on our way home to tell them the news. She must have said, "Mom, this really is the best day of my life!" about three times. The same child that screamed the opposite less than an hour earlier. I think she wants to grow up about as much as I want her to stay little. 

That night I pulled a gift out of my sock drawer (that's where I hide that I bought on etsy that Saint Patrick's Day when I noticed her first wiggly tooth- this adorable tooth pillow so I wouldn't have to go searching under her pillow in the dark. She wrote her name on the little envelope and put her tooth in it, but wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking if she could keep her baby tooth a little longer. The tooth fairy left a glittery 2 dollars and a note back letting Wendy know she could borrow the tooth until the next one fell out, making sure to tell her to take care of her teeth by brushing, flossing and eating healthy foods (naggy hygienist mom tooth fairy). The two dollars were burning a hole in her little, pink piggy bank and she spent them on a sugary treat the first chance she got. I love this girl and, despite my sadness that she won't stay little forever, I love that I'm blessed with the opportunity to watch her grow up!

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