Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Wendy of Oz...

One of Wendy's loves is The Wizard of Oz. You'd think a little girl of 2 years old would be afraid of that movie, but not her. She'll watch the whole thing and sing along with every song (she knows the words better than Ryan). So when I asked Wendy what she wanted to be for halloween this year, I wasn't surprised when she said "I wanna be DOROTHY!"

My incredible mother went all out and whipped up these coordinating costumes for the family. Wendy had been telling them this is what their costumes were going to be for the whole month of October. My mom surprised her and when we showed up to our church halloween party, it really made Wendy's night to see them all as Wizard of Oz characters. Her mouth was hanging open and she couldn't take her eyes off my mom.

(Some of our family is missing... Wendy didn't forget them. She wanted Aunt Vanessa to be the little mermaid because she has red hair, aunt Rachel to be Belle because she has brown hair, and uncle Aaron to be Muno because he's really tall).