Monday, July 13, 2015

Juniper is 11 months old! WHAT!?

June at 11 months:
  • LOVES the bouncy chair
  • new foods: chicken, cows milk (whoops- too soon), garbonzo beans, lemon, orange, plum
  • 1st pig tails
  • full on crawling
  • full on waving
  • full on dancing
  • can get up on her knees
  • LOVES books and tearing apart magazines
  • pants at doggies (especially uncle evin's dog, buddy)
  • will yell through the house and "talk" to you across the hall
  • serious case of stranger danger (lower lip quivers if someone she doesn't know well is holding her)
  • Gasping, then pinching her little lips into an "O" shape and pausing and looking around as if she's really shocked by something and wants to see if anyone else is surprised
  • 1st clapping on october 6th 2014, after a show at Disneyland

10 months!

*#sorrynotsorry there are A LOT of 10 month pictures - I can't narrow it down, I love them all

My Juniper at 10 months:
  • 20 lbs 9 oz
  • new foods: apricots, spinach, mango, pineapple, plums
  • loves the exasaucer
  • aaaalllllmost crawling
  • waving (1st waved at grandma)
  • shakes her head like she's saying "no" in answer to every question
  • can get up from laying down to sitting all by herself
  • throws a serious fit if you take something away from her

I love the face and hand motion she's making in this photo, like she's saying, "YOU!"