Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My favorite little boy in the world turned three!

A few of 3yr old Harvey's favorite things:
Fave Shows: anything star wars
Favorite Color: Blue
Best Friend(s): Davy
Favorite thing to do for fun: Go to the children's museum
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite book: "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?"
Favorite animal: Doggies
Favorite treat: sponge bob popsicles AKA gogurts
Favorite band: Queen 
Favorite song: "We will, we will ROCK N ROLL"
If I had one wish, it would be: 
When I grow up I want to be: A motorcycle guy or Police officer
40 inches (95th percentile)
40 lbs 5oz (97th percentile)

Harvey didn't really have a PARTY-party this year. Just the grandparents, aunts and uncles over to our house on a Sunday evening for cake, ice cream and presents. Honestly, all I did was stick a darth vader figurine on a mini cake and tell him this was his Star Wars birthday party. It wasn't even just for him, we were also celebrating the other April birthdays in our family- Ryan & Wendy. You would have thought I threw this kid the best birthday party known to man. His little face lit up, his eyes twinkled, everything was special. Each guest that walked through our door was immediately taken by his chubby little hand and escorted excitedly to his mini darth vader cake where he proudly and excitedly bursted out "LOOK AT MY STAR WARS CAKE!! It has DARTH VADER on it!!" Before anyone even showed up, he dragged his life-sized vader into the house and to the fridge where he opened it and showed life-sized vader "Yook, it's a YOU cake!" My heart just bursts for this little boy and his optimism. Sometimes I worry that because he demands less than Wendy, he gets less #middlechild. But he has such a way of making me feel like maybe I am doing something right, despite the little voice in my head that tells me I'm not doing enough.

Birthday morning busting through his streamers!

All he wanted for his 3rd birthday was a "Big, giant storm troopa." Done. Easy. Just one thing and like 20 bucks at Toys R Us. His day was made when he woke up the morning of his bday and unwrapped the giant. He was SO excited, but promptly informed me that it wasn't really a storm trooper but a clone trooper. HE told ME. A Star Wars fan born in the 80's. This kid was 2 years old yesterday. I don't even think he's seen the movies. This kid blows my mind sometimes. He's the little boy I've always wanted.

The birthday breakfast tradition: either cupcakes or donuts for breakfast. This year, a cupcake!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

i have a SIX year old!

Facts about my 6 year old Wendy:
46 1/2 inches tall (75th percentile)
47 lbs 2 oz (60th percentile)
a few of her favorite things: 
Fave Shows: the disney channel show "Hey Jessie," Frozen, My Little Pony
Favorite Color: pink or purple
Best Friend(s): Lulu Schultz, Miranda Martinez, Keili & Madison (from school)
Favorite thing to do for fun: 
Favorite Food: Grammy's beans and sweets
Favorite book: Princess sofia
Favorite animal: Flamingo
Favorite treat: anything sugary
Favorite band: Taylor Swift
Favorite song: "Call Me Maybe"
If I had one wish, it would be: to fly
When I grow up I want to be: a mommy and a disney princess

This was the FIRST year out of Wendy's SIX years of life that I didn't throw her an over the top birthday party! This year she decided she wanted to spend the day with just mommy, daddy and her and get her ears pierced, so that's exactly what we did. We went to the mall straight from school (where I had brought donuts to her class earlier in the day) and pierced those ears. She's been begging me all year, ever since her friend Keili got HERS pierced. Then we went to a movie, just the three of us, and topped the day off with a trip to Farrells. I was a little worried she'd be sad without a party, but look at that smile! I don't think she minded too much.

One happy pierced six year old!