Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Month

*gotta love my little helper there

At one month:
  • 12lbs 5oz (I seriously thought the baby scale was broken)
  • his cry sounds like a lawn mower or little lamb. we noticed this in the hospital the day he was born. when he gets hungry ryan tells me, "You better hurry up, the lawnmower is about to start."
  • likes to eat just about EVERY HOUR and has the chubby cheeks to prove it, so much for sleeping at night
  • affectionately nicknamed "chubba"
  • favorite place to be: on mommy's right shoulder (I love holding him there too. I love looking over to see how he wraps his chubby arm, with his hand in a chubby little fist, around my arm to hold onto me)

*this little silly face makes me giggle

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Wendy, who still sleeps in a crib and has NO desire to move on to her "princess big girl bed" calls to us every morning to get her out. Last week when I went to get her out of bed one morning, this was our exact conversation:

Wendy: Oh no, not you. (said with a smile on her face, she knows she's teasing me).Where's daddy?
Me: He's in the shower. Don't you want to play with me?
Wendy: Okay, sure.... Let's pretend you're daddy.

That about sums it up. Ryan is an amazing dad and our kids know it.
I fall more in love with him as I watch him take care of, play with and love our kids. Nothing melts my heart more than the mornings he quietly gets up with Wendy so I can sleep and I wake up to the sound of them playing princess barbie dolls in the living room & find them BOTH fully decked out in costumes (instead of just sticking her in front of a movie and falling back asleep on the couch - which would be way easier). He is the most fun, loving, silly and hard working guy I know and we are all so lucky to have him in our lives.
p.s. Wendy has been referring to Ryan as "Father" all day. "Where's my father?" "Father, I'm thirsty." "I have to potty Father." It's pretty cute. It's been making Ryan and I giggle all day.