Tuesday, December 17, 2013

36 weeks

36 weeks and making my kids put my shoes on for me ;)

32 weeks

Pregnancy #3 fun facts: NESTING (unnecessary home projects that were NECESSARY before bringing another person into it)
  • paint basically the entire house except for the kids' rooms & kitchen
  • new living room rug (thank you ikea for the cheap rug that I love and that everyone &their mom has, but I don't even care)
  • new couch (our old couch is DONEZO in every way)
  • sell a bunch of stuff on craigslist 
  • have a garage sale
  • re-organize the patio 
  • figure out how to squeeze this baby into Wendy's room (where do I put a crib in that tiny room?!?)
  • decide whether to cram 3 kids in the back seat of the honda CRV or buy a minivan (we figured out how to cram)

28 Weeks

Pregnancy #3 fun facts: NAMES
  • Juniper - "June" for short (also love the J names Jane & Jill, but June is my fave)
  • Charlottte - "Charlie" or "Lottie" for short (after my dad, Charles)
  • Penelope - "Poppy" for short
  • Betsy - (after my mom, Elizabeth)
  • Wendy's choice - Suzy or Sally (every last one of her dolls AND our pet bunny have one of these names. THAT'S how much she loves them).
*this little girl is SO excited for a sister. that means she's gonna help me out a lot, right?

24 Weeks

*these two cuties wanted in on the photos. How can I say no to those faces?

Pregnancy #3 fun facts: CRAVINGS
  • Jamba Juice - I send Ryan to Jamba Juice almost every night. The employees there know his wife is pregnant and joke about getting to see him every night for the next 9 months.
  • plain bagels with plain cream cheese, has to be toasted
  • trader joe's "fruit frenzy bar" popsicles
  • sprite with lots of ice
  • in the first few weeks of my pregnancy, before I even knew I was pregnant, I had the SAME thing for lunch EVERY DAY: turkey sandwich on toasted multi-grain wheat bread (the yummy stuff my mom gets from costco) with an egg, avocado, sliced tillamook cheddar cheese, salt & pepper, and a thin layer of homemade hidden valley buttermilk ranch dressing. It was only AFTER that that I learned pregnant women shouldn't eat deli meats. Does everyone know this?! How did I just discover this on my third pregnancy? I really hope I didn't hurt my children with all the deli meat nitrates. I had no idea. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

June is one month old!

Juniper at 1 month old:
  • 2 Week Old Stats: 9lbs 8 oz (86%) 21 inches long (82%) head circumfrance (81%)
  • Gets the hiccups a lot (just like she did in my tummy). Sometimes we call her "Juniper Hiccup"
  • First Thanksgiving- we spent it at home while daddy took Wendy to Grandma's then Grammy's house. Harvey stayed home with us (he was sick and slept the whole day). It was so fun for me to just hold her and stare at her all day with no interruptions. 
  • First Babysitter: grammy's grandpa watched you while mommy went to wendy's kindergarten thanksgiving performance. Grandpa said he had so much fun staring at her while she looked around
  • Family night outing to get your first Christmas tree
  • Loves to stick both legs straight out. She did this soon after she was born and she does it all the time. It's like she's so relieved to be able to stretch out after nine months of being cramped. 
  • Has smiled (and even giggled) in her sleep a couple times. She has a shallow dimple on her right cheek (just like Wendy) and her eyes smile too (even closed, in her sleep) make the sweetest little rainbow arches

We are all smitten by this sweet baby girl. Every day Harvey & Wendy come running into my room when they wake up or come home They want to know where she is and see her. Harvey asks, "Where's baby Dune?" and then says, "OH! Cute!" when he finds her. Wendy will stare at her all day and loves to help me take care of her. 

photos by: amelia lyon