Monday, December 16, 2013

June is one month old!

Juniper at 1 month old:
  • 2 Week Old Stats: 9lbs 8 oz (86%) 21 inches long (82%) head circumfrance (81%)
  • Gets the hiccups a lot (just like she did in my tummy). Sometimes we call her "Juniper Hiccup"
  • First Thanksgiving- we spent it at home while daddy took Wendy to Grandma's then Grammy's house. Harvey stayed home with us (he was sick and slept the whole day). It was so fun for me to just hold her and stare at her all day with no interruptions. 
  • First Babysitter: grammy's grandpa watched you while mommy went to wendy's kindergarten thanksgiving performance. Grandpa said he had so much fun staring at her while she looked around
  • Family night outing to get your first Christmas tree
  • Loves to stick both legs straight out. She did this soon after she was born and she does it all the time. It's like she's so relieved to be able to stretch out after nine months of being cramped. 
  • Has smiled (and even giggled) in her sleep a couple times. She has a shallow dimple on her right cheek (just like Wendy) and her eyes smile too (even closed, in her sleep) make the sweetest little rainbow arches

We are all smitten by this sweet baby girl. Every day Harvey & Wendy come running into my room when they wake up or come home They want to know where she is and see her. Harvey asks, "Where's baby Dune?" and then says, "OH! Cute!" when he finds her. Wendy will stare at her all day and loves to help me take care of her. 

photos by: amelia lyon

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