Friday, October 30, 2009


*Wendy with her Great-Grandma Witten

For Halloween this year, Wendy was FOOFA. She had this amazing hand crocheted poncho that her mom's mom's mom (aka. Great-Grandma Witten) made her!! She LLOOOVVESS it! I thought I would have to prep her, you know, let her wear it every once in a while so she'd keep it on for Halloween. But boy was I wrong! I don't know how to get it off of her. She's been carrying it around the house for the whole month of October like a blankie.

The night before Halloween, Wendy got to hang out with THE REAL FOOFA! Along with all the other characters and "mama" Lance Rock (which is what she calls him). She was in heaven and wouldn't let them leave her sight. Lance was a wonderful sport and gave Wendy lots of attention. He made her night, and therefore made mine as well. Maybe one day she'll know how lucky she is.

Special thanks to Grandma Witten for taking the time to make this wonderful costume for Wendy! I can't even tell you how many compliments we got or how much she loves it. THANK YOU!

* these last pictures were taken by my friend jenn! check out some of her other photography here.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Best Mother's Day Present EVER!

For mother's day, my wonderful husband got me a family photoshoot with our friend, Amelia Lyon. I made sure he knew it was really the only thing I really wanted for my birthday in June, but he wanted it to be a "surprise" (even though I'd asked for it) so he gave it early in May. Little did he know how excited I would be and how serious I was about it.

You might have noticed that Mother's Day took place about 5 months ago, but I wasn't ready then. I needed everything to be perfect for the pictures and that included Wendy walking. The little stinker didn't walk until she was 16 months old so that's why we waited so long.

See the rest of the photos here. I love them. Amelia is one talented lady.