Thursday, June 25, 2009

50 years of Frank & Ramona

*June 29, 1959

On Wednesday, June 25, 2009 my dad's family got together to celebrate my 
grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary.I cannot put into words how much I love these two people. They are two 
of the most kind and honest people I know and I'm very proud to be a product of them.

If I had to use 2 words to describe my Grandpa Lamb, I would say 
that he's a sweetheart and a jokester. One childhood memory I have of him is that he used to put his yoplait yogurt 
in the freezer and I loved to sneak some (it's kinda hard to sneak a treat that you have to chip away at with a metal 

My Grandma Lamb is the embodiment of the the words loving and genuine. As a teenager, 
whenever I was in a situation where I had to make a choice, I would see her face and think, "How would my 
Grandma Lamb feel about me doing this?" She is the type of woman I would love to aspire to be like one day. As a 
child, I remember getting into her 1950's prom dresses and trying them on (of course they fit me when I was like 
10- apparently people were tiny back then).

So, my talented brother NATHAN put this slide show together. It had amazing music, including a version of "You 
Are My Sunshine," by Elizabeth Mitchellbut I guess youtube won't let those songs be used. So, the music stops 
halfway through. It's a real bummer because Nathan made the music go so well with the timing and the pictures. 
Oh well. You get the idea.

I love you both! Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Running with Freddie...

Better than a pre-baby body actually.
Which isn't really saying much for my "pre-baby body."
I doubt it will be this easy after the next one.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

88 lines about 44 birds...

...Okay not 44, just 8. ( but believe me, that's enough)

1. dennis and 2. linda- ryan's first two. Love birds. They lasted 1 week. (no picture)

3. nacho- lovebirds get their name because they like to have a companion. Ryan wanted a lovebird that would love him instead of another lovebird. He sold dennis & linda for this lovebird so that he could be its bird-lover.

4. tina- Ryan realized nacho needed a real bird companion because he had to go to work and couldn't be with nacho 24/7. Nacho & Tina lasted about a month. (yes, he drove with them on his shoulder, and yes I sat in the back).

5. poncho- Ryan sold nacho to his brother, Evin, and tina to his dad and got poncho (a conure) for his birthday. It was THE ONLY THING he ever wanted for his 28th birthday. I was bummed because I thought tina was so pretty, and because this stupid bird was expensive. AND because it would escape out of its cage and wait by the back door and chase me around the house when I opened it. Due to my fear, I would try to get it on the end of the broom stick to put it back in it's cage, but it would just go around the stick and come for  me. I finally called Ryan in tears and gave him the ultimatum, "It's me or the bird." For a week he was devastated and wouldn't talk to me about it because he loooooved poncho SO much, but then...

           *macrolens photo of the eye of a myers parrot
6. benito- (or as like to call it, lucifer, satan bird, or lord voldemort)- ...Ryan found THIS ugly, evil, red-eyed bird shopping online, a myers parrot, worth $4oo selling for $150. Apparently the guy who had it just found it one day and didn't realize how valuable it was. With no answer to his "found bird" signs, he sold it to ryan. After a month, the guy who sold it to ryan said he saw "lost bird" fliers for it with a $500 reward! (But the flier lied! The "reward" wasn't $500, it was $200 PLUS...  a DIFFERENT bird. yay.)

7. no name reward bird- lasted one day. The crazy bird lady called back the very next day saying she wanted this reward bird back because "She had already bonded with it." (she didn't want her $200 back, which was nice).


*it reminds me of a cuter version of the evil birds in the dark crystal

8. "the bird"- baby indian ringneck. Ryan has to feed it formula from a syringe every 4 hours and it's really ugly right now, but apparently will be pretty when it grows up (see pictures below).  This WILL be the last one. Any name suggestions? 

So there you have it. 
We've been through 8 birds in 5 months. 
Did I mention I hate birds?