Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Not So Quiet Life of Mrs. Whispers- Part IV

If you know me, you know that I am deathly afraid of birds. I'll admit, there are some circumstances where I don't mind them. In fact, I love them almost anywhere: in art, pictures, jewelry, on Wendy's crib bedding, and on the National Geographic Channel. Anywhere, that is, EXCEPT in real life.  So you can imagine the panic/shock I felt when I had this conversation with Ryan over the phone:

Ryan: Hey... you might be a little mad at me.
Me: Oh no, I hate when you say that. What did you do?
Ryan: I... got us a new pet.
Me: What do you mean? Without me? It better be a beta fish. 
(side note: we've already been through 3 dogs, a tortoise, and multiple fish. The man goes through pets like crazy. And to be honest,  I'm kinda over the whole pet thing)  
Ryan: No, something WAY better. Two little love birds.
Me: Haha, very funny. (He knows I have a fear of birds, I really didn't believe him)
Ryan: I want to name one Linda and the other one Dennis. 
Me: Wait a minute. You're serious? I can't believe you didn't even talk to me about it.
Ryan: Sorry, but I had to do it this way. Otherwise you would have said no.

I had to laugh. He's right, I would have said no. But after thinking about it, I realized that a bird might not be that bad of a pet- under a couple of conditions: 
1. NEVER let it out of the cage with me around 
2. the cage IS NOT inside the house
3. we get to put it in a cool rounded-top vintage bird cage, something like this...

*yes, he's ALREADY traded in the 2 for a different one (what did I say about him blowing through different pets?) 
and yes, he likes to carry his bird around the house on his shoulder like a pirate. 


cJb said...

That is arrrrrrrrsome. I love pirates, birds and especially lovebirds.

Shannon said...

Wow. You are one amazing woman/wife. Hope this pet goes the distance. ;)

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

ooh, i love the cage idea. i hope it's not a loud bird because that would drive me nuts. so what did he name the new bird? linda or dennis?

Christy said...

I can't even comment cuz I'm laughing so hard....that's SO Ryan. hahaha

jenn said...

wow! i hope it isn't noisy. can't wait to meet lil birdo.

Shawni said...

Your husband cracks me up!!! I love how much you put up from him! That is awesome. My sister should have a blog if she was computer saavy enough to make one. Good thing I love her kids and post pictures on my blog for everyone to see!

Ashley said...

Biggest mistake ever! I bought a cockatiel when I was 12 and STILL have him. He is in my room with me today and has been with me half my life.

Chris & Lynsey said...

"Birds" are awesome!! Ha Ha... We had one growing up for about one day, until my cousin opened the cage to show my grandma and my cat ate the thing. Hope you don't have a cat, or maybe you "should" get one?!!!

Beth said...

Where did you find that first's awesome!

When I told the family, guess what Ryan bought you and the first clue was...what is Heather most terrified of? Everyone responded...Ryan bought a bird?!!

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