Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I've always loved going to parties that are for someone else but I am really not one for parties in my honor. Hosting a party full of friends and family who don't know each other, trying to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome, making sure the house is spotless and replenishing the food supply every time it gets low, all these things just sound like a lot of work to me. It just stresses me out and I end up feeling like I was working the whole night instead of enjoying myself. My husband on the other hand LOVES a good party that's just for him. So we've learned in our almost 10 years of marriage that my birthdays are low key and his include a party. But this year, entering a new decade seemed deserving of a little something. Ryan threw me the PERFECT-my-kind-of-party party. It was a backyard movie night, complete with couches, bean bags, a projector & screen, movie candy, popcorn, and (my guilty pleasure) krispy kremes! This man sure knows the way to my heart- I love movies!

I knew Ryan was planning something and told him to keep it low key. Apparently "low key" means two different things to us. He read off the prospective invite list that seemed to go on forever. I immediately started to stress out, "This doesn't sound low key," I told him. "Oh, don't worry, he said. I'm really not putting much into it." Low key to me means laid back, not a ton of people, but I wouldn't mind if you to put some effort into it. A beautiful, but more intimate evening. I envisioned hundreds of people standing around bored and hungry in our dirty house because "he wasn't putting much into it." I think he was messing with me. The man knows how addicted I am to pinterest.

When I walked in, I got a little choked up at all the effort that actually DID go into making my evening special. It was exactly what I wanted but better. So pretty. My mom had printed and framed black and white photos from my life and had them on display. There was an adorable dessert table and my favorite festival lights strung through out the backyard. Ryan and some friends had transformed the backyard into a cozy little movie night. 

*I spy with my little eye a baby bump.

I'm so very lucky to have this man as my husband. He is constantly trying to find out how to make me happy and then goes out of his way to do it. Between the two of us, he is the better half and I am forever learning from him how to put others first. I'm also the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing mom. She lives to serve others and I know she put a lot into my little party too. These two sure know how to make a girl feel special.

There you have it. I'm officially old. 


Shannon said...

What a beautiful, pinterest-worthy, fun party! I love the movie night idea! I might have to do that for my husband's next birthday. That's totally his style. Glad you had such a great night and have such amazing people who love you. :) Welcome to the old club!

Melany said...

What a fun little party! Good job, Ryan and Beth. And I love the graduation pics of Wendy below. So sweet.

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