Monday, November 11, 2013

Tiny Tots Graduation

On my thirtieth birthday, my little Wendy graduated from preschool. It was the cutest little ceremony, I even got choked up a good handful of times - which, I hate to admit, is rare for me. Maybe it has something to do with being pregnant. (Sidenote: I'm the person who feels heartless with my dry eyes at deeply moving events, while those around me are brought to tears. I've always wished I could show that I FEEL it too, but I'm just not a happy crier I guess.) During the ceremony, the kids sang a song about growing up that killed me. Bad. 

All the 4 years olds came in in single file with their hands clasped behind their back, looking a little like they knew this was something important but not quite sure why. They were full of what I call nervous reverence, little deers in headlights walking into a room packed with their family members flashing their cameras & holding up their phones to record the moment. Wendy was sitting front, center and looked so small. I think I forget how young she really is sometimes because she's the older sibling and because she's got such a sassy teenager mouth on her sometimes. 

*Wendy with her Senior Tiny Tots Teachers: Miss Mary & Miss Robin, not pictured are her amazing Junior Tiny Tots teachers, Miss Lisa & Miss Julie

The kids sang some songs they learned over the year, their teachers spoke of the things they've learned and preparations they've made to enter elementary school, then they called each child up by name, told us which elementary school they were going to and what they wanted to be when they grow up. Wendy wants to be a ballerina.



After her graduation, my whole family took her (and me for my 30th) to pieology for lunch. She was beaming (as you can see in the picture above). She walked around to different tables of strangers and would nonchalantly lean her capped head and bouquet of flowers toward them until they made comments and gave congratulations about her graduating. What a little girly girl. Apparently I was the same way. I'm so proud of this girl. And I know all moms say it, but I really don't want her to grow up so fast.

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Shannon said...

OH my gosh she is so adorable. 4 is my favorite age. I agree that the oldest child always seems so big when they really are still little, but it also makes them do great things. :) Glad it was a fun graduation/30th birthday!