Friday, October 4, 2013


This is the moment I turned thirty. I just happened to check what time it was on my phone: 9:54am, June 13, 2013, exactly 30 years to the minute of my arrival on this earth. Cheesy, but it seemed deserving of a picture. I had a bit of a shock of age awareness... I am Heather. I am thirty. I am no longer a "young adult," but a real adult. I have 2 1/2 children. I've almost been married a decade. I have a career. I am at Trader Joe's buying a pink bouquet for my oldest child who is graduating preschool today and about to start REAL elementary school. Only adults have kids in elementary school. How did I get here?


Anonymous said...

You gotta long way to go, dear Heatehr. With all that you have to share, we cant wait. Love you, Tata

Melany said...

Happy birthday! Cute bump pic! I turn 29 this week and it weirds me out that I only have one year left in my 20's. Hope you're feeling well! Can't wait to see pics of baby girl!