Friday, September 20, 2013

Easter 2013

This will be the last time (for a long time) that there will be only two baskets left by the easter bunny. She had too much fun filling them with his & hers books, toys, and candy that mommy loves too...

Here are a handful of just-before-church Easter photos. I let Wendy wear this super frilly dress that my moms friend sweetly gave her just in time for Easter. She LOOOVVVED it. Maybe it's the pregnant laziness, or the way her face lit up when she put it on, but I didn't even have a desire to fight it. She kept spinning and curtsy-ing with her ankles crossed (as you can see in the first picture). She was very careful not to get any chocolate on it and to hold up a piece when she walked, like a real princess. Harvey, on the other hand, was not so careful and was changed into a different Easter outfit minutes after his drooly first bite of chocolate (as you will see in the later pictures).

*wendy and her favorite/only girl cousin, ruby

This is the only picture I got of the traditional confetti egg war. I was too busy hunting for eggs and smashing them on peoples heads/comforting Harvey who hates this game. It's one of those traditions that I married into and I love. 

Harvey was infatuated with this little garden gnome. He carried it around even though it was like 50 pounds. He waddled around the back yard with it until he gave up and just stayed by it, talking to it for a while. I guess I know what the easter bunny should bring him next year.

 *photo by Ruby, I kinda like it. 




Beth said...

Funnnn Pictures! I think I need to get Gnome to live in my yard

Beth said...

Funnnn Pictures! I think I need to get Gnome to live in my yard