Wednesday, November 13, 2013

20 Weeks

*Ryan says he's gaining sympathy weight for me so we can be in this together. What a sweetheart :)

Pregnancy #3 fun facts:
  • Prospective Due Date: November 22nd 2013 (my 1st baby not in April - including my husband)
  • I don't get "morning sickness," I get night sickness (which means I rarely eat dinner)
  • My boss's wife, and therefore my boss, accidentally found out I was pregnant through a picture I was tagged in on facebook (horrible!!)
  • I'll be happy with a boy OR a girl, but Wendy really wants a sister and it would be fun to watch her face light up if it IS a girl
  • We've tried to tell Harvey, "There's a baby in mommy's tummy," but we don't think he completely grasps the concept. He'll look at my belly and say, "No... it's a basketball." OR "No... it's just poop." (I think he's trying to be funny with that one). When people ask him what we're gonna name our baby, he looks at them kinda funny and says, "Harvey." As if to say, "I am the baby in this family, idiot." I think the bigger my belly gets, the more he'll grasp what's really going on. Hopefully.

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