Tuesday, May 27, 2014


In her sixth month, June:

  • experienced her 1st Easter! She had no clue what was going on, slept through most of it, and received some small gifts from the Easter bunny that he grabbed out of her stash of belongings just to save face in front of her older siblings. 
  • 1st time in the bumbo chair. She wasn't so sure about it. She got all "back-archey" pretty soon. My kids are late sitter-uppers, late crawlers, and late walkers, so I think the sensation was very foreign to her, but I think it might help her in the process of becoming a sitter. Harvey was SO excited. It was like he realized for the first time that he has another potential playmate in the house. He sat close to her, his arm wrapped around her shoulders, talking in a high pitch to her the whole time (...maybe that's why she didn't love it so much). We've used it a lot more and she's slowly starting to love it. A little.
  • month full of holiday celebrations: Wendy, Harvey & Daddy's birthdays, Cinco de Mayo and Mother's day!
  • Has become very grabby. She'll grab anything within reach and immediately attempt to stick whatever it is in her mouth.
  • She has discovered her pudgy feet- they're her new favorite things to grab and put in he r mouth, which sounds absolutely disgusting but it's the most adorable thing. I know it sounds gross but I really love when she does that. 
  • My new favorite thing to do is to stand June up on my lap and kiss her chubby cheeks. They're SO soft and kissable! Sometimes, I just leave my lips on her cheek, breath her in and she nuzzles into to me. It's the best thing.

Sorry for going overboard, these were all just SO cute that I couldn't narrow it down. I think six 6 month photos is fitting. FUN FACT: from May 14th 2014 to June 13th 2014 our family's lucky number is 3! Check it out, for EXACTLY 30 days:
Mom is 30 years old
Dad is 33 years old
Wendy is 3+3 years old
Harvey is 3 years old
June is 3+3 months old

Is your mind sufficiently blown?! Mine is. Que the twilight zone theme song. Three is our lucky number this month... Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket or something.

*this little girl is seriously all cheeks and eyelashes! And here's the picture to prove it :)


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Melany said...

P.S. I just caught up on all your other blog posts, and I love how excited Harvey was to ride on Star Wars! And all your monthly posts on June are adorable.