Monday, May 12, 2014


At FIVE months, June:
  • weighs 16lbs 8oz - 90th percentile
  • 26.8 inches long - 98th percentile
  • head circumference 16.3 inches - 75th percentile (good to know for making headbands)
  • rolled over! she did it twice on April fool's day and hasn't done it since, the little trickster
  • officially in size 2 diapers
  • knows her name and will respond to it
  • had her longest stretch of sleep: 9 1/2 HOURS!! From 9pm to 6:30am and it was glorious!
  • First overnight vacation - went with mommy & daddy on our 10th anniversary getaway weekend while Wendy & Harvey stayed with Grammy & Grandpa. We stayed at The Inn in Rancho Santa Fe then spent the next day at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. She was a great little date!
  • 1st Saint Patrick's Day - she looked so cute all decked out in my favorite color. I ordered a green bow on etsy and it showed up WAY bigger than I thought (shoulda read the fine print) she rocked it anyway.
  • First earthquake! Ryan & I were at the temple in Newport Beach and the kids were sleeping at their grandparents house. They all slept right through it, but the scariest part was June's location - she was sleeping in a bassinet right next to a giant, un-anchored bookshelf, that was full of glass frames and large hard-back books. Luckily nothing came crashing down on her.
  • after explaining to the nurse at her pediatric appointment that we've affectionately nicknamed her "Dream Baby" because, well, she's the best baby ever, she proceeded to prove me right and got her shots without even crying! Not even a gasp or a flinch! More than one! The nurse said she save the one that stings for last and not even then! I think she actually smiled at the nurse through it. It was crazy to watch.
  • this month was filled with lots of fun trips to disneyland, the beach, and the L.A. zoo 
*I love this silly face!

*can't get enough of those luscious baby thunder thighs

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