Sunday, May 25, 2014

My little Star Wars Fan...

SO, when I took Harvey to the pediatrician for his 3 year old check up and discovered he was 40 inches tall, the FIRST thing I thought was, "HE'S TALL ENOUGH TO RIDE STAR TOURS!!" I didn't dare say anything in case things didn't pan out. You see, being the Star Wars fan that he is, we basically go straight to star tours to check if he's tall enough as soon as we walk into Disneyland. For six months I've been telling him, "Sorry bud. You probably won't be tall enough until you're at least three." Even if he WAS tall enough, he wouldn't be able to ride because it's usually me with my three kids and June definitely isn't tall enough.

We had the chance to go to Disneyland last week with a bunch of our cousins and my mom (who is awesome and stays off the "big rides" with the baby so I can ride them with my "big kids.") I told Harvey he might be tall enough to ride Star Tours that day. His little eyes got big and an open mouthed smile covered his face. We took Harvey right up to the front of the fast pass line where they have the 40 inch tall measuring stick. He was so cute standing there, as tall as he could, following my directions. "Put your feet together. Stick your neck out straight. Put your chin up. Stand with your back against the bar." He was right on the line. The workers were a little hesitant. Strangers in line started shouting, "Let the kid ride the ride!" "Let him on! He's tall enough!" Harvey smiled nervously at the worker as she had him raise his hands above his head. 

She gave the okay and I squealed, "Harvey! You're tall enough!" He did a double handed fist pump and screamed, "I'N TALL YEENUFF!!" Everyone watching from the line laughed. I cannot describe the way his little face was beaming as he passed the threshold and entered the line to that ride. He was walking fast and probably screamed, "I'N TALL YEENUFF!!" like five times. Some of those screams included jumping up and down. The people in line were giggling at his excitement. He kept pointing out all the Star Wars characters to me. He was amazed at the life sized C3PO and R2D2. It really was something special to watch. 

While we waited to board our "space ship" a little screen shows some characters getting it ready. Harvey was entranced. He asked me what they were doing to our spaceship. Once we got on, I decided to tell him it wasn't real, I didn't want him to freak out when we blasted into outer space. But he LOVED it. He's been telling people all week about his ride on Star Tours and how he's "tall yeenufff." He even asked me if he could drive my car because, "I'n a big boy now, mommy, I'n even tall yeenuff for Star Tours." Man, I love that kid. 

*that face says it all

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