Monday, May 12, 2014

June is 4 months old!

At 4 months old, June:
  • weighs 15 pounds - 89th percentile
  • 24 inches long - 88th percentile
  • head circumference 16 inches  - 81st percentile (random, I know, but I like the info)
  • wakes up happy every morning & coos/talks baby gibberish in her bassinet until I get her. I think most babies would cry, but not her. Sometimes I just lay there and listen to her for a while before getting her because it's my favorite sound in the world.
  • slowly developing those luscious baby rolls that I love to kiss and squeeze
  • has discovered her dimpled hands and likes to hold them together before trying to fit them both in her mouth at the same time
  • smiling at anyone who will look at her
  • laughs every time I wipe her chin or chest - SUPER ticklish
  • LOVES bath time and kicks her legs back & forth the entire time
  • is so happy and brings the sweetest spirit into our home

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