Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

I had the most amazing mothers day yesterday! I think it was actually the best mother's day I've ever had. I was just overwhelmed with gratitude all day long and completely in awe of my amazing husband and these three amazing children my Heavenly Father has entrusted me with. 

Basically, Ryan was incredible. I woke up to see all three kids dressed and ready for church head-to-toe in the outfits I had laid out for them. He had set up the baby monitor so he would know when the baby woke up and took her out of our room before she woke me up (yes, the baby is almost 6 months old and still sleeping in our room). They let me sleep in and then woke me up with breakfast in bed and mother's day presents (AND they didn't leave a mess in the kitchen!!!). The kids were so excited to present me with the gifts and breakfast they had made for me. Ryan let each one of them butter a piece of toast. Harvey's toast had A LOT of butter on it and, of course, Wendy's was perfectly even. Harvey was so giddy, kept saying the cutest things, making me shake with laughter and cover my heart with my hand. He was saying things like, "Do you wuv your bweakfast mommy?! We all made it! Eat it!" He'd fix my blanket and ask me, "Are you comfy cozy mommy?! Hewre, I help you get comfy cozy!" The kids watched me eat and hung on each bite. I tried my hardest to eat slowly and let them know each bite was the most delicious bite of breakfast I've ever had. Then I spent the rest of the day stealing hugs from them and telling them how perfect my breakfast was, it even had my very favorite drink in the world- ice water. 
Harvey felt they should sing to me, so they sang Happy Mother's Day To You. When it was over I clapped and Harvey said, "Mom!?... BLOW!" so I blew out an imaginary candle. He was so excited.

I opened my gifts. Ryan continued to blow me away and had a painting of our family portrait commissioned. Our friend Emily Stringfellow sells them on etsy and I LOVE it! I'm going to frame it and hang it on the wall tomorrow. That's the type of gift he'd have to get way in advance - seriously, best husband award.

At church, I had so many moments where I was overcome with overwhelming gratitude for each one of my children in my life. In sacrament meeting, I had the baby on my lap, quietly played hangman with Wendy on my right and had Harvey sitting next to me all cuddly on my left. Then I got to hold June all through the last hour as she gnawed on her chubby fist and flirted with the ladies behind me in relief society. I'm so grateful for each one of them individually and the different personalities they have and lessons they teach me. 

THEN, after church, Ryan made lunch and let me take a nap while he watched all three kids. He didn't just watch the kids, he played board games with them and put the babies down for their naps and folded two big loads of laundry while I napped. Where did he even come from!? All in all, the day was wonderful. I was pampered, well rested, I felt loved and felt deep love for those around me. Man I'm really gonna have to pull out all the stops for father's day.


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Shannon said...

So glad you had an amazing Mother's Day! You totally deserve it. :)