Friday, August 29, 2008

FOUR Months!

*check out those cheeks & knuckle dimples! I am in love.

All I've heard for the last weeks is, "Whoa, when did Wendy get so big?" She really has changed so much just recently. Major growth spurt. She's not just bigger in size, but bigger as in seems older. She's so much more aware, it makes me a little sad to admit that she's not an infant anymore, she's a full on BABY!

Fun Four Month Facts:
weighs 14 lbs (almost doubled her birth weight!)
24 1/4 inches long
has discovered her hands & feet
getting better at "tummy time"
sleeping better through the night, usually
tries to put anything she can in her mouth (and by tries I mean she usually fails & ends up sucking on the back of her fist)
giggling up a storm (she thinks it's hilarious when Ryan gets her ready for bed, I have no clue why)

Thanks again Nessa. The photos you take are priceless. 


Shannon said...

Oh my cute. I think 4-5 months is where they really just lose their infantness. Davin all of a sudden looks like such a big boy and is practically sitting up by himself. It's crazy. Wendy is really beautiful. She has gorgeous baby hair too. Anyway, cute cute pictures. I feel bad because i don't take nearly enough pics of Davin. He's my #2 and it's true, he will have less pics that Weston. Oh well.

Beth said...

How Sweet! She is getting so big...I love her to pieces!

Jones Family said...

OK, your block picture rivals Harper's sidewalk chalk. I love it. And the cheeks are definitely jowls. I love it! We need to see Baby Wendy... We haven't seen in for awhile!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

we can't all be blessed and have our babies 10 days early...i wish! :) cute pics of wendy!! and i don't know if i made a comment but your nursery is super cute.

Christy said...

Way cute. Someday she and Spencer are GOING to meet. I promise...theyre going tohave so much fun being friends.:)

Lana said...

Wendy is so adorable. And I love that name too. I got your blog address from Mel. I'm just starting to join the blogging world, and it's addicting! Let's keep in touch yo.