Friday, August 22, 2008

4 Reasons Why We Love Colt

1. He loves Wendy! 
2. He's giving: he read about Ryan's obsession with free t-shirts & the very next time we saw him he had a cool one waiting to be stuffed in Ryan's drawer
3. He's an AMAZING artist! You should see what did at my parents house.
4. Every time he comes to visit he brings another wonderful piece of art for Wendy! (We wanted to have him paint a white snail on the wall of her nursery, but since we're planning a buying a house some day & wouldn't be able to take it with us, he brings new bug art for her that we can take where ever we go!) 

Thank you Colt. 
For being so awesome
We love you.


cJb said...

Dude, so flattering! Thanks. Wendy Lu is for sure the cutest girl on my whole entire blog, Sheesh I miss her already!

Beth said...

Sooooo Cute! I love the snail, Colt is so talented!

Of course Wendy and Colt would be friends. They both have calm, sweet personalities.

Wendy looks so big sitting up in her chair!

Shannon said...

I love that snail picture! How fun to have such a great, talented, generous friend! :)

Jones Family said...

What happened to Baby Wendy??? Why is she sitting in her Bumbo chair??? She looks way too grown up!

Will Kindrick!! said...

colt's artwork is all kinds of amazing!!