Friday, August 1, 2008

Williams Beach House, Round 2

*thank you nicole thompson for the cute blue bathing suit!

Wendy's week of 1st experiences:
*1st earthquake
*1st time being baby-sat all day by gma lamb
*1st giggles
*1st ferry ride (to balboa island)

*1st trip to the beach

*1st bike ride

Wendy was a BIG HIT at the beach house this year. Her cousins were absolutely IN LOVE with her! (Ruby was a little too in love with her, if you know what I mean). I loved watching them try to make her giggle. 

*best cousins

There were so many highlights of the trip: the girls bike ride, ryan getting to come out for the day (major treat with the hours he's been working lately), family walk to the same ice cream shop we go to every year (the cute little asain lady who works there knows us and crocheted a beanie for Wendy), AND FINALLY... playing scattergories with Bobbi! (we were laughing so hard Celestial almost pee'd her pants), the letter was "A" and her list looked something like this:

Apple sauce
Art Appreciation
Animal Habitat
Heat lamp
"Hey You!"
Hair extensions
Harry and the Hendersons 

...It was really late, so we were all a little slap happy. But I really need to thank Bobbi for making silly mistakes in all the games we play. You keep things fun. 


Shannon said...

What a fun trip. Glad your hubby could join you too. I know all about crazy hours. Wendy is such a doll in that bathing suit. So cute!

ruth said...

I am glad Ryan got to come for the day. He deserves it!

Beth said...

I loved Bobbie's list :) Wendy looks sooo cute in her bathing suit, you look pretty good too!

Jones Family said...

Everyone loves that little baby!

whitney said...

When I think of Scattergories, I think of Ryan. He thinks he is the master. I guess he gets his skills from his mama.

Christy said...

Such a cute post. I love the theme of Firsts. I might use it. Oh, and btw, I never answered you back about stealing my towel idea. I would not be offended. I would be flattered! I would LOVE to see Wendy in her fun towel.

Jones Family said...

Next summer Hannah will totally entertain Wendy at the beach. She is such a good little babysitter. Hannah took her "Baby Wendy" (formerly known and "Baby Jesus") swimming today in the pool. She taught her how to swim too. This is Baby Wendy/Jesus' third summer swimming. She's a pretty nasty little doll. I figure all the chlorine disinfects her pretty well.