Wednesday, August 20, 2008


"A romance novel? About vampires? No thanks,"  was my reply when the 1st person suggested I read these books. I don't really care for vampires OR romance novels (except for Jane Austin). So I know how lame this sounds, but I just finished the 4th book and I LOVED IT!! I'd only heard bad reviews, maybe I had low expectations, but I kept waiting for it to get bad and it never did.

Now, for the truly nerdy part: my views on the  casting of the upcoming movie. After seeing the trailer, I'm a lot more excited for the movie than I was when I saw the cheesy-buffy-the-vampire-slayerish picture below. I really like the actors they chose to play the 2 main characters (which is the important part, right?) but I just can't get over some of the other choices.


Beth said...

Yes you are Nerd...but I am sure it was inherted. Your dad is the Biggest 'Lord of the Rings' nerd you will ever meet. Who do
you know who can speak elf and wears King Aragorn ring on his index finger?! He's reading the trigily again for about 10th time.

Plus your mom, is a Nerd, listen to Twilight books on tape and read them twice. I read the last book so fast that I think I will read twice too! :)

Rachel & I want to see the midnight showing on the 21st!

Christy said...

hehe. My husband is the same kind of nerd as Charles. He is WAY into fantasy stuff like Lord of the Rings and the Wheel of Time, and collects really expensive fantasy dragons and figurines...stuff like that. Even writes (not just plays) online fantasy games for the online gaming world and has a huge following. He and his friends refer to themselves as STEALTH NERDS...they can function in the outside world, and people don't know that they're so nerdy. hehe. Sounds like a good description of you guys though too.

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

i TOTALLY agree with you. they cast like this normal looking brunette -who looks like she's miss popular in a high school movie - and they can't even give her a decent bleach job for pete's sake. they should have gotten a model for sure because like, duh, only a model should have played rosalie. but robert pattinson sounds hot with his american accent - like aussie hugh jackman sounds hotter when he has an american accent as wolverine. now who's the nerd? :)

Shannon said...

OK, nerd buddy, I hear you. I know the Twilight series is about a 17 year old girl, but for some reason it totally appeals to me. I think because it's much more of a grown-up relationship than most young adult fiction. Also, I have issues with the casting of the movie too. I'm trying to not look at too much of the making of stuff so that I won't be disappointed with the movie, but I'm already setting my movie expectations pretty low. I LOVE the actress you would have picked for Rosalie. Totally what I pictured. You should be a casting director. :)

ruth said...

I think you should have casted the movie.

The McCullough Crew said...

Glad to know I'm not the only nerd on the planet. I read somewhere that the girl who is playing rosalie is a friend of the director. LAME