Sunday, April 7, 2013

We're having a baby! ...AGAIN!!

On our anniversary trip to Portland, I started thinking I might be pregnant. The food there was amazing, and I was having a hard time enjoying it in the way I'm usually able to enjoy food (a blessing and a curse). So on our way to hike the beautiful Forest Park, I told Ryan we should stop at a Walgreen's we saw to pick up some water bottles and trail mix. While he was getting snacks I snuck and grabbed a pregnancy test. I ran to the bathroom, heart pumping, and took the test. .  .  .


I simultaneously thought, "I KNEW IT!" and "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" 

I kept it to myself for a while, waiting for a more special time/place to tell Ryan. We drove to Forest Park and got majorly lost in the mountains. This park is 30 miles wide and the trail we were looking for was not where our GPS took us. I didn't mind though. The mountains were beautiful, and at one point it started snowing! (Being from Southern California, it felt magical to be in the middle of the silent forest with snow drifting around us). I almost told Ryan at that point, but unlike me, he wasn't enjoying the surroundings so much as he was frustrated that we were lost = not a good time.

We finally found our trail and started hiking. We felt like we were in the movie "Fern Gully," or in a movie from the Twilight saga, it was so beautiful and enchanting. When we got pretty deep into the hike, we stopped at a great spot and I pulled the test out. I always love watching Ryan's face light up the way it does when I tell him he's going to be a daddy... again. It was perfect.

*I mean... gorgeous, right?!

We told our families a couple weeks later. I baked some sugar cookies and spelled it out for them in sugary goodness. We told Wendy RIGHT before we told everyone else. We thought she should be the first to know. You can see by the muscles in her neck how excited she is! (I love that). I know she is going to be so much help with this baby. (I wanted Harvey to be involved in this picture/announcement too, but he had no self control with the cookies and no idea what was going on).

pregnancy #3 fun facts: NAMES
  • my vote if it's a girl - june ...but it's taken and ryan says no
  • my vote if it's a boy - oliver ...totally taken, not a chance
  • wendy's vote if it's a girl - sally or suzie (ALL of her dolls, stuffed animals, pets, etc. are named sally)
  • ryan's vote if it's a boy - lars after his dad larry or carlos after my dad charles (but with a mexican twist, cuz we're part mexican)
  • ryan's vote if it's a girl - sally or suzie or betty or betsy


Lana said...

Yay yay yay! Congrats you guys, so exciting :)

Melany said...

So excited for you! I love Portland. Paul's sister used to live there so we've been there a handful of times, it's so fun and pretty! How fun to find out on your anniversary vacation that you're expecting! Congrats!! I think the name Sally is adorable! You guys always pick good names.

Beth said...

So excited for grandbaby #3!!