Monday, April 22, 2013

Introducing Ozlo Hop-hop Williams

Meet the newest member of our family: our bunny, Ozlo. It was a surprise birthday gift for my pet loving husband. 

Around Easter time, Ryan decided he's over his 4 year obsession with birds and he started talking about wanting a different animal. A dwarf bunny to be exact. He went around trying to talk other people into talking me into it. But my best friends down the street growing up had a pet bunny, Popcorn. It was big, had the most disgusting/stale smelling urine, and sharp claws that would scratch the crap out of you as it tried frantically to hop out of your arms if you tried to pick it up. I was flat out against it.

But as the 18th of April got closer and closer, I couldn't find anything else to get Ryan. To make matters worse, he always get the BEST gifts. Then I started thinking, bunnies are a lot quieter than birds. Their nails can be kept short. They don't have to be walked like a dog. They can't fly around your face and peck your eyes out. PLUS, my kids would love it. (I kinda love it too).

THEN, two days before his birthday, he decides he's over bunnies and really wants a pet chameleon. "It will be so much easier than a bunny! They don't shed! You don't have to clean it's poop! All you need is a 4 foot by 6 foot enclosure with the right plants and a heat lamp on 24/7." (Oh, is that all?) Then he proceeds to ask my princess-loving daughter, who's favorite princess is Rapunzel, "Do you want to get the SAME pet as Rapunzel?! We could even name it 'Pascal' just like the movie!!" He proceeds to go to the home of our friends who breed chameleons, and post a picture of himself wearing the biggest grin and a chameleon on his shoulder on instagram.

After basically telling him my big surprise, getting depressed because I can never make his birthday as special as he does for me (because HE always buys himself whatever he wants, even if it's 2 days before his birthday/christmas) I decided to keep it. We love it. Plus, it's cuter than a lizard.

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