Tuesday, January 31, 2012

9 months already!?

Harvey at 9 months:
  • weight: 24lbs 9oz
  • one-tooth willy. one of his front teeth is coming in a little later than the other one and he has this adorable hillbilly smile.
  • First: trip to Arizona, taste of chereo's
  • favorite words: "Dad," "lowdle-lowdle-lowdle/ leedle-leedle-leedle," "FFFFFfffffff" sound made with his lips curled in like he's blowing the bangs out of his face, and excited high pitched screams
  • HATES being laid on the changing table
  • once he gets over the fact that he's on the changing table, he likes to hold my arm with both of his tight to his chest while i jokingly try to wiggle it away. i love this game.
  • ADORES his sister, as always
  • loves to play this game with his sister where she shakes her head no at him & he does it back
  • all his 9 month old friends are starting to crawl, but Harvey is taking this one a little slower (just like his sister who crawled at 14mos and started walking at 15mos). he IS, however, liking tummy time a lot better and can push the top half of his body pretty high off the ground. it's those chubby thighs he hasn't even tried to lift up yet (and i'm in no rush for him to be moble, i know it will come... along with a whole new dimension of keeping up for me).
  • is developing the sweetest personality. people always comment on how happy he is.
  • super nosey. if there is anything going on while i'm breast feeding him, that hooter-hider will start to thrash around until his little head finds a place to poke out and his eyes scan the room.
  • he really knows who i am. when i walk into a room he starts flapping his arms and smiling and heaving, and if i don't pick him up quick (or at least maintain eye contact) he starts to get bummed.
  • when i get him out of his crib he HUGS me. he puts his head on my shoulder for a while, then pushes back to look at my face and pat my shoulders, then goes back to hugging me. these are some of the sweetest moments.


Lana said...

Holy cow, Harvey is so stinkin adorable. I love his blue eyes with his dark hair. And his squishy cheeks. And his smile. Basically everything about his adorable :)

Shannon said...

What a cute little chunker! I LOVE his bright blue eyes. Happy 9 Months!
PS-my security word is "porkit." Made me laugh.

Sharla Watene said...

SO cute! I love that you keep a blog so that I can keep up with what you are doing! Miss you guys!

Melany said...

those blue eyes with that dark hair! so adorable! he sounds like such a happy chunk. love your month posts, i'm excited to do them again for baby girl #2!

Ruth said...

By far my favorite pictures!! he is a doll!