Tuesday, January 3, 2012

8 Months

Harvey at eight months:
  • weighs 24 lbs
  • carrying around all his dead weight finally threw my back out on Christmas day :(
  • he is SUCH a good eater, but am I really suprised? He really likes most of the solid foods he tries, he prefers veggies to fruit (very unlike his sweet-toothed sister)
  • cut his two front teeth (it was all he wanted for Christmas, yyyyuc yuc yuc!)
  • is babbling more and more and I LOVE it
  • Harvey's favorite words:
  • "Adah" said with a head bob (I think it means "Daddy")
  • Gurgle talk - Wendy said, "My baby is so smart cuz he can talk like that guy thing on Starwars" (she meant Chewbacca - sounds just like him).
  • I wish he could stay in this stage forever... or a least just a year. He's all the good (cuddly, interactive, giggly, playful, recognizes (and prefers) me) without any of the bad (doesn't make messes, doesn't get into anything/immobile, no tantrums, no back talk, etc.)
  • firsts this month: Christmas, trip to Vegas
*he's been making this face a lot. i think he likes the way his lower lip feels on his upper tooth. i love it. thank you aunt vanessa for getting a picture of it on your phone!


Nan said...

He's sitting up!! He's so cute. I wanna pick him up looking at the picture.

Beth said...

I love the first picture. After seeing these I don't feel so bad not taking them in Pahrump. Your little house is the perfect backdrop

Melany said...

SO CUTE. he's the perfect little chubby santa baby. that stinks about your throwing out your back! maybe he needs to go on a diet for his new year's resolution, har har.

jenn (+ will) said...

in love with these photos heather!!!!!! we need to get together soon!

Sarah said...

He can't get any cuter, and i love these pictures!

J, J and B said...

How adorable is his smile? That guy thing on Starwars? Hilarious! Hope your back is better! Maybe Ryan should give you more massages?

Emily Stringfellow said...

so stinkin' cute!