Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Notice something missing?


*both pictures by my talented sister Nessa

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, in Wendy's nursery class at church, her teacher had all the little kids go around and say things they're thankful for. What was Wendy's answer?

"I'm thankful that my gap closed!"

It was something I noticed while helping her floss her teeth a couple nights prior to that day. Only the daughter of a dental hygienist.


Beth said...

That is a funny story! What a good mom you are to floss your 3 year old's teeth. But I guess you do it for a living.

Love the pictures

J, J and B said...

I second that - you're amazing for flossing! I'm glad she's thankful, but it was so cute!! Love her cute hairstyle by the way!

Melany said...

haha that's so funny! she's so cute either way.