Friday, December 9, 2011

7 Months

Harvey at 7 Months:
  • weight: 23lbs 2oz (97th percentile)
  • length: 29inches (95th percentile)
  • wearing size 12 - 18 months... at 7 months! So much for all the 6 - 12 month winter clothes.
  • is breaking my back, for real. My lower back has been mad at Harvey (and at me) for a couple weeks now. I've been trying hard to focus on lifting with my legs (which is kinda hard to do when you're leaning over the railing of a crib).
  • a month of firsts:
  • 1st (and 2nd) tooth
  • 1st real food: rice cerial, sweet potatoes, avocado, bananas (LOVES sweet potatoes)
  • started sitting up at about 6 1/2 months (can't get into sitting position by himself, but will stay there)
  • does this weird head butt-y thing in his high chair then cracks up when I do it back
  • likes to use my chin as a teething ring. I would have NEVER let Wendy put my chin in her mouth (oh, the germs), but I guess I'm a little more laid back with #2. He gnaws on my chin while I laugh, then he laughs. I turn my head back and forth to cut off his voice and he cracks up. If I'm ever kissing his chubby cheeks he whips his head around to find my chin. I guess I do it a lot because I even caught Wendy acting this out with one of her baby dolls. I know it sounds kinda weird, but it touched my heart to see her wanting to play the roll of mommy.


jenn (+ will) said...

so so cute!!!!!!

Beth said...

He looks so much like Vanessa in these them all!

Melany said...

so cute! love that first picture with his chubby cheek on the floor. i think i said this last time but penny only weight like, 3 lbs more that harvey haha. such a cute chunkster.

J, J and B said...

Love these photos. Especially that first one!! 97th and 95th percentile? With that smile, you can tell he's one healthy and happy boy!!