Thursday, November 3, 2011

It has happened... again. Ryan got an iPhone... again. Last time he got one I have to admit, I hated it. I hated talking to myself all the time and his delayed, "...Huh? Did you say something?" I hated the glow that ruined my perfectly pitch black room at night. I hated the extra $30 a month on our already overpriced cellphone bill. I hated how he couldn't function if it wasn't working or was lost for 5 seconds. I hated this unnecessary object that took all of my husband's attention. Seriously. We have a desk top and a laptop, why would you NEED to have the internet in your pocket 24/7? Honestly, I had visions of throwing it out the car window.

But this time around, for some reason, I don't mind so much. Maybe it's that he's not as obsessed. Maybe it's that I love watching Wendy laugh over and over again at the "Talking Tom" app. Maybe it's because I have reaped the benefit of having the internet in Ryan's pocket on more than one occasion. Maybe it's because I secretly covet instagram. Okay, I admit I was wrong. Maybe I might kinda want one some day.


Melany said...

haha paul's getting one through his work and it hasn't come yet and i keep asking him every day when it's coming because i just want to instagram and take cute pictures. that's all i want an iphone for, cute pictures.

abigayl said...

Girl, don't scare me like this! I just got Colt and iPhone for his birthday. You should see his sappy love relationship with his macbook. Heavens! Im going to be replaced!

Shannon said...

lol. I totally feel you. Ian got one 2 years ago and I swore I would never need something like that, but after living with it close at hand for that long I realized I kind of wished I had it all the time. I got one in October and I don't know if I can ever go back. Sometimes I still just snap and want every screen in the house to disappear, but most of the time it's super convenient and fun. :)