Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Very Hungry Halloween!

For Harvey's 1st Halloween, I knew I wanted him to be The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It's one of my favorite children's books and so appropriate for my happy, chubby, HUNGRY little boy. (Have I mentioned that my father-in-law calls him "Starvey Harvey"?). I found some great ideas here and here, bought some yarn and sent it to my amazingly talented grandma. She whipped this little number up for Harvey and mailed it back to me within a week. And since this may just be the last year Wendy lets me sway her into a costume of my choosing, we made it a family affaire. She was the butterfly, Ryan & I were pears and strawberries.

*i LOVE how she's kissing his hand...

* ...and i LOVE how he's grabbing her tutu.

*this face reminds me of another little baby I knew, back in October of 2008

Wendy was a trooper, going for the whole butterfly thing. We found a pet caterpillar over the summer and watched it morph from bug, to cocoon, into a very ugly moth. She also helped me make her antenna, so those were the selling points. We did have SEVEN opportunities to dress up this year (1.Charlie's spooky dinner, 2. Yo Gabba Halloween Wrap Party, 3.Sloan's 4th BDay costume party, 4. My parents "trunk-or-treat," 5. Wendy's pre-school Halloween parade/party, 6. Our "trunk-or-treat," AND 7. the REAL Halloween trick-or-treating) there were a couple times she decided to be something (or should I say, "someprincess,") else. I have a feeling I won't be so lucky with the family themed costumes next year. Or maybe I can just hope Wendy doesn't want to be a princess and we can base our costumes around her instead.

*Yo Gabba Season 4 Wrap Party

May yours be safe and full of Reeses snuck out of your child's stash once they're asleep :)


Melany said...

love harvey's caterpillar costume! so cute. i love the pic of him on his tummy. and wendy of course is so cute as a pink butterfly as well. wow - seven is a lot of times to dress up! we only did halloween night but that's fine with me. :)

Shannon said...

Holy cute!!! I LOVE Harvey's costume. Your grandma is amazing. You guys are such a cute family. Glad you were able to convince an independent 3 year old to go along with the family costume. :)

Beth said...

YOu have to send Grandma a copy of this blog...or I am going to have to call her up and take her step by step to get her on so she can see how cute our Starvin Harvey is in the costume she made!

jenn (+ will) said...

so amazing heather! i love it!!!