Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Harvey Jay turns 18 Months old!

*I adore these images by Amelia Lyon. Harvey is 18 months &2 weeks old in them. 

Harvey Jay at 18 Months:
  • 30 lbs (92nd percentile)
  • 34 1/2 inches tall (92nd percentile)
  • this kid is so big that when he's sitting next to his sister in my side-by-side double stroller, strangers ALWAYS ask me if they're twins. (Wendy gets a little perturbed, because she's "SO much bigger than him!")
  • current vocabulary: "mom, momma, mommy", "aaaaeeee" = daddy, "uh-ohhhhhh," "eh-eee" = wendy, "baawlll" = ball, "oh" = no, "aaa" = yeah, "hi," "bye," does the sounds of all farm and zoo animals, but his FAVORITE word is "ighth" or "eye-th." We don't know what it means but he says it all the time. He even says it after someone sneezes like he's saying, "Bless you."
  • Favorite Show: Fresh Beat Band & Yo Gabba Gabba
  • this kids wasn't quite walking when he hit the 18 month mark. (he's got a lot of weight to move around). So... I decided I had to work with him. Like, teach him how to walk. I always thought it would just come naturally. It only took a week and now he has the cutest little waddle. His knees are turned out and lifted a little too high (almost like he's marching). Soon he'll be running and I might regret the extra push I gave him to walk.

  • he is INFATUATED with books. he loves to grab a book off of Wendy's book shelf, crawl into my lap, and cuddle up to me while I read it to him. His face lights up and he "oohs" and "aahs" and points to the different pictures as I mention them. He would let me sit and read books to him all day. I've even caught him in Wendy's room, sitting up on her bed, just looking through a stack of books.
  • one of my favorite moments with him every day is when I get to put him down for his nap/bedtime. He cuddles up to me in our comfy green rocking chair in his nursery, I cradle him like a newborn baby and cover him with his favorite, velvet-soft, pale blue blankie. I read him a book or two and then sing him the 1st verse of "You Are My Sunshine," and hum the 2nd verse before laying him down in his crib and quietly shutting the door behind me. He has recently started singing with me. It just makes me melt. He mumbles the melody and mimics the sounds with his pacifier hanging out the side of his mouth. He scrunches up his eyes and nose when we sing the word "happeeeee." It chokes me up, I love it so much.


Lana said...

what a sweet post. Harvey is adorable, and I love his bright blue eyes.

Melany said...

agreed! harvey is super adorable! i love that he loves books. that pic you posted the other day of wendy stretching harvey's face into a smile is my favorite.