Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy thirty-oneth birthday Ryan!


31 things I love about this man:
1. He's a hard worker (currently working 2 jobs, in school and STILL manages to make time for me and for his kids)
2. He makes me laugh every day
3. He gets the kids off to their grandparents house on Mondays & Wednesday when I work - SUCH a big help
4. He never makes (lets) me drive when we go places together
5.  He does ALL the yard work; I've still never mowed a single lawn in my life
6. He tells me when I look good
7. He holds my hand all the time
8. He's the first to help out a friend
9. HE WENT BACK TO SCHOOL, which is a huge sacrifice that will reap eternal benefits for our little family. He's actually just about getting straight A's & enjoying being a student!! (can you tell I really love this one?)
10. He's an amazing dad 
11. He takes the kids on late afternoon walks so I can get dinner ready in peace
12. He's a super talented drummer
13. He's also a super talented singer
14. Actually, he's just super talented musically all around - he can pick up any instrument and play it
15. He doesn't really care for sports unless we're live at a game (SO nice that we agree on this)
16. He's really close with this family
17. He never forgets a name
18. He's so dependable
19. He puts Wendy to bed almost every night
20. He reads the kids bedtime stories & does all the voices (it's such a cute thing to listen to him doing the voices and hear Wendy laughing with delight) 
21. He takes me to them movies all the time, even though he doesn't really care for the movies and I love them
22. He loves to dance & he's good at it
23. He always takes out the trash
24. He always kisses me when he leaves or comes home
25. He is a superstar at Niel Diamond kareoke
26. He's a great public speaker (as long as he remembers who is audience is and refrains from being inappropriate)
27. Despite being inappropriate all the time, he loves the Lord
28. He always listens to me when I've had a bad day
29. He's the life of the party
30. He puts others first
31. He's my best friend

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Beth said...

nice tribute to Ryan...I am so happy you two have each other and that Ryan is the father of my grand children and the husband of my baby girl :)