Thursday, May 31, 2012

Harvey's 1st Birthday

My little boy turned one. I can't believe it (even though he's the size of a two year old). To me, he's still a baby. I've realized I always dress him in nothing but pale blue onsies, like a baby, to keep him that way (AND probably because they show off his chubby leg rolls and accentuate his blue eyes). He is my little ray of sunshine, always happy, smiling and cooing at me, with his soft rosy cheeks and striking blue eyes. He brightens up my days. So I decided that was the perfect theme for his little birthday party, "You are my sunshine." It's also the song I sing to him to put him to sleep every night. It turned out to be a perfect sun-shiney day for a pool party and here are the photos to prove it.


For weeks, Wendy helped me, slowly, put together the decorations for our "You Are My Sunshine" party. It was a lot of fun to craft with her during Harvey's naps, even though it took twice as long. She was so excited for the party because she helped me make it. It made the party that much more special for the both of us. I made things easier for myself and used the same color scheme as Harvey's nursery, that way I could pull from what I already had in his room, like the fabric bunting I sewed while he was in my tummy and hung up in his nursery.

Our loved ones came out to celebrate with us. It was such a happy day. I love the first birthday. So much happens from the time a child is born to the day they turn 12 months old. It trips me out that only a year ago he wasn't even in our lives yet, and now, how enormous the void would be if he wasn't part of our family.

 Ryan's Grandpa is amazing. He's one of 13 children and he loves his family. He has a little wood shop in his backyard where he makes wooden toys for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren for their first birthday and for Christmas every year. Ryan's Grandma paints all of them. The little wooden toys they makes are so adorable and priceless. I can just picture him in there, devoting hours of his time and putting his love into these toys for my children. For Harvey's 1st birthday he made him a little fire engine. He even had a license plate made with Havey's nickname on it.  I feel so lucky that my children get to know him and have these amazing, hand made toys to pass down to their children one day.

My little boy LOVED his cake! I mean like, licked the high chair tray clean loved it. (But are we really surprised?) He loved it so much that we had to stick him in the kitchen sink to get all the frosting out of his succulent baby rolls after the party. There's something about a chubby baby splashing around in the kitchen sink that just melts my heart. It was the perfect way to end a great day.


Shannon said...

What an adorable little one year old! And an adorable party. You always have the cutest ideas. I wish I was crafty enough to steal them. ;) I just think your kids are the cutest and you make such a wonderful mother. Happy 1st Birthday Harvey!

jenn (+ will) said...

he is SO CUTE! we had so much fun at the party. it was so perfect!!!

Emilia said...

You always throw THE BEST parties! You have impeccable taste!! Whenever I get married I will be calling you for ideas : ) You're party planning is just too good!