Monday, April 9, 2012

Chubby Bunny


Love, The Williams Family

(Harvey was not as freaked out as he looks in this picture. He actually really liked the easter bunny, just not the noise-maker the photographer used to get his attention).

*his & hers

*Harvey's 1st Easter

Our Easter family tradition, on Ryan's (Mexican) side, is to search for and smash confetti eggs on each others heads during the egg hunt. The smashing gets a little painful so we usually crush them in our hands and sprinkling each other with confetti & egg shell. As you can see, my son does not prefer this tradition. But, honestly, how adorable can this little boy be?! (forgive all the pictures, I couldn't help it.) 


Shannon said...

This is simply adorable. And I usually am not a fan of pics with the Easter Bunny. I love Harvey's little blue jacket and bow tie. And I am seriously jealous of Wendy's thick, dark hair. You have such beautiful children! :) Happy Easter!

Beth said...

Love this picture! What beautiful grandchildren I have :)

Melany said...

this picture is amazing! they both look so adorable. and harvey's facial expression is AWESOME. so cute!

Sarah said...

Love this picture. Harvey's outfit is too cute for words.

Rachel said...

I love this picture. Harvey looks like he is so disappointed in you.