Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some of my besties on etsy

Normally I just blog about my family. My blog is basically an online baby book for my kids and their grandparents that don't get to see them every day. I don't normally tell people what they should buy, but lately I've been so impressed by some of my good friends and how incredibly talented they are, that I just can't keep it to myself.

Let me tell you about my friend Emily. She is SO crafty. She is not only crafty but really funny. And despite being almost intimidatingly pretty, she's incredibly down to earth and genuine. For Wendy's 3rd birthday she blew me away, I mean I was speechless, with the adorable little doll she made to look just like Wendy. I love it a little too much, more than anyone should love a material object. I was going around the party showing it off like it was one of my own children. Wendy named her "Wendy Dolly Doll." It's soft and cuddly and my most favorite item in Wendy's "big girl princess room." She sits proudly next to the pillows on Wendy's bed. I've had a lot of people ask me where they could get one and I had to regretfully inform them that it was a gift. A one of a kind. But not any more! YOU can have your very own "Dolly Doll" made to look like your own little one! Her etsy shop is YellowString. (p.s. Emily made some of these doll to help raise money for my cousin Davy's benefit. It was a labor of love. That's just the kind of person she is.)

Moving on, let's talk about Yvette. She is a sweetheart I know from church. We both work with the youth at our church and she is SO much fun! She also blew me away with her gift, but this time it was for my Harvey. She missed his baby shower, and came to my house out of her way to drop off her hand made gift: these ADORABLE beanies!! As you can see, I love it SO much, I made it the theme of Harvey's 2 month bearcub-in-the-woods photoshoot. They're not only cute, but made out of cotton (not normal yarn) so they're super soft. Wendy was jealous so she went home and made a girly one for Wendy. I told her I saw some wanna be woodland beanies at baby gap that didn't come close to hers and that she needed to sell some on etsy. With some encouragement from her hubby she opened up shop! Now YOU can get these wonderful beanies at Vetty Artsy!
I've already told you about my friend Melany before. Her hair clippys for little girls are some of the cutest I've seen. ESPECIALLY the new bows she's put out. I bought about 5 of them and think I need some more (you can see Wendy wearing one on Harvey's blessing day). I told her she needed to make bowties for little boys as well. There are a lot of different bows out there and hers are the best. Melany also donated a lot of her goodies to Davy Jean's benefit. YOU can get these goodies on etsy at Jellabee Jr.
And finally, Merrilee. We are not actually "friends" but I feel like I know her. She is an uber talented artist with two little boys. I LOVE her blog and her ideas for parties and fun boy activities. Now that I have a boy, I've realized how hard it is to find cute boy stuff. I mean the kind of stuff that makes me giddy because I love it so much (like Emily's doll). But her blog makes me feel that way. Among LOTS of other cool things (like the "Lovely Love My Family" prints), she does custom portraits. I bid for this one at Davy's benefit and won. This portrait of Wendy hangs on the wall in her room and makes me smile, not only because it's so darn cute but because it was for a really great cause. I love her work and YOU can get some of it on etsy at Tuesday Mourning.
You're welcome.


Melany said...

thanks for the shout out heather! you're so nice. and i promise i'll make those bow ties soon, i even have all the stuff, i'm just incredibly lazy. i love all those other things! that print of wendy is amazing, that doll is gorgeous and i love that bear cub hat on harvey! i wanna see your other etsy favorites too, even if you don't know the people. :)

Lana said...

Yay for Jellabee! I agree, Mel makes the best hair stuff, and I'm not just saying that because she's my seeeester. Her hair clips are made with meticulous detail and care. And I like how she packages them too. Wendy is such a cute hair model, I love her thick hair and her cute bangs :)

Beth said...

Such talented friends you have and how luckey we are to have a site like etsy to shop at!

J said...

Thanks to this post I have just discovered the Etsy website!! Where have I been? Oh yea, Australia! When I have a girl I'm going to have your friend make me a doll. ADORABLE!