Sunday, August 14, 2011

3 Months of Harvey

*Newport Beach, CA - Near lifeguard tower #17

*I love this little outfit! And I squeezed him into it as long as I could.
It reminds me of 1920's mens swimwear.
At 3 months, Harvey is:
27 inches - 95th percentile for length
18 lbs - OFF THE CHARTS (like 120th percentile) for weight
Has laughed twice and it's probably one of the top 5 cutest things I've ever seen (sounds just like his lawnmower/little lamby cry)
In his 3rd month, got to experience his 1st trip to: the zoo & the beach
No longer sleeping in a basinet next to mommy, but in a crib in his nursery
Like his grandpa, he is not a fan of loud noises (especially screaming 3 year old big sisters)
Eyes are getting lighter and bluer by the day. People are always taken back when they see his eyes. They do a serious double take and look deep into my dark brown eyes, to make sure they remember them right, "He's going to have blue eyes!" They tell me. "Maybe. My mom has blue eyes that look just like his." I tell them. In all honesty, I'll be surprised if they end up blue and surprised if they don't.


J said...

Yes, love those blue eyes and that little schmirk. Love those rolls! What a cutie!

Beth said...

what a cute little chubba. Love the pictures!!