Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Turning to the dark side

My husband and I have an ongoing debate about fast food. He loves it, I don't. He tries to hide cash so he can get fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner without me knowing. He also does things like this. I don't blame him though, I give him a pretty hard time for it. On rare occasions, like road trips or after a long day at the beach, I think it's okay. But on the whole I think fast food is a waste of money and bad for your body. Actually, I know it is. He says it's his one splurge for himself. Tell me that when you're suffering from diabetes.

On our way home from camping in Yosemite yesterday, we stopped at a Carl's Jr. Ordering Wendy's kids meal, we asked, "Do you guys substitute anything for fries in the kids meals?" The cashier looked a little lost, "Um... we could make it a large fry? Or crisscut?" Wow. Really? You can substitute the fries for... more fries? Thanks. I guess the only place that has "healthy options" or really caters to kids is McDonalds. Nasty. I took a bite of Wendy's left over chicken nugget at a McDonalds on the way up to Yosemite and just about barfed before I spit it out.

But I have a confession. I think I love Chick-fil-a. Weird, I know. I wouldn't even go there for the first while after they built one close to my house. I'm not a huge meat eater and I'm definitely not a fast food fan. It sounded like a bunch of chicken nuggets and greasy chicken sandwiches on low quality buns and did NOT tempt me at all. But then Ryan made me try it. Wow. Here are some reasons why I love Chick-fil-a:

  • soft pebble/snow ice
  • they list the calories next to every item on the menu (not just next to the "low calorie" items and not on a special nutrition facts menu that you have to ask for, but up in the restaurant behind the cashier)
  • the play area is indoors=air conditioned, but separated from the eating area= the whole place doesn't smell like stinky socks and kid sweat
  • they have hand sanitizing wipes right outside the playground door
  • there are fresh flowers on the tables
  • they give the kids balloons
  • they will substitute fries for a high quality fruit bowl (I'm a bit of a fruit snob, I don't like fruit that is mushy or warm)
  • it's always clean
  • the workers are always super nice & happy
  • they will substitute the crappy kid's meal toy for an ice cream cone, and not a child sized cone, a full on regular(mom) sized ice cream cone
  • they're closed on Sundays
  • they're a little pricier than the other guys, but they give GREAT coupons and the food quality is worth an extra 50 cents (this week, July 8th, go in dressed up like a cow and get a free meal)
  • did I mention that the food is actually good?
Tonight, after dinner, I was feeling a little restless so I took the kids there for an ice cream cone and to let Wendy release some energy on the air conditioned playground (it was like 90 degrees today). We walked out of there an hour later with our 170 calorie dessert, a yellow balloon tied to her wrist, Wendy's bangs wet and her little cheeks red from the running around and I thought to myself, "Maybe I do like fast food." Just don't tell Ryan.


Chrissy said...

We're a chick fil-a family! It's always clean, we get awesome coupons in the mail, you can trade the stupid toy in for ICE CREAM, the people are friendly, the grilled chicken sandwiches and salads are delish, and if you notice the employees never say you're welcome it's always "my pleasure". Can't get better than that!

Shannon said...

I heart Chick Fil A too! Mmm. Their chicken sandwiches are my favorite and I love the fruit bowl. I always get my kids two kids meals, one with fries and the other with fruit so they can have some of both. I used to get tons of coupons for the first year of so after they built the one close to us, but now I rarely get coupons, which is a bummer. I go anyway though. It's certainly a nice alternative to McDonald's (which my kids would eat every day if they had their way).

Melany said...

i like chick fil a too! that's the only fastfood place i let us go as a family for dinner. i get the chicken nugget kid meal, i luuuv their nuggets.

amber buhrley said...

Love chick-fil-a, love that you are just realizing its awesomeness, and love ryans addiction to fast food! A true schultz!

J said...

I'll say Chick Fil A is A LOT better than McDonalds or Carls Jr any day. So, if you're gonna do 'fast food' I think you've chosen the best option! Yum!

Beth said...

I think your daughter gets her fast food fix when she hangs out with her grandma...I will have to start taking her to Chick Filet