Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Not So Quiet Life of Mrs. Whispers- Part III

In my attempt to be a good wife, save money, and help Ryan eat a little healthier, I decided to make him a healthy brown-bag lunch to bring to work just twice a week. Let me first tell you that Ryan grew up in a home where they had nightly 3 course, home-cooked, sit down, family dinners.

Sounds great, right? Well, Ryan felt a little deprived in the fast-food department growing up and is making up for it now. So it took some convincing, on my part, for him to let me do this. He says going out to lunch helps him get away from the office and take a "real break."

Me: Hey, what's this In-N-Out receipt?
Ryan: Oh... I owed my co-worker lunch because she bought yesterday.
Me: Wow. She eats a lot.

... About 10 minutes goes by...

Ryan: Okay, I can't lie to you anymore. I sold the lunch you made me.
Me: You what?
Ryan: Well, everyone went to In-N-Out so what was I supposed to do?
Me: Who bought my lunch? (speechless, but slowly realizing the comedy here)
Ryan: Kyle.
Me: How much?
Ryan: Two dollars.
Me: What if I put a note on your napkin?
Ryan: Oh, don't worry. I checked first.

I still don't know what's funnier, the fact that he sold it, the fact that he sold it for two dollars, OR the fact that someone actually bought it.

Poor Ryan, he doesn't get away with anything, because I manage the check book. No wonder the man likes to carry cash.


Beth said...

What a good wife you are...Reading this sounded like a little kid and his mom having a conversation.IO had to laugh!

At least he didn't just throw your homemade lunch out. Someone got to enjoy your healthy lunch.

When was that picture taken? You look great! Cute dress!

Ashley said...

This is my favorite story of the night!

Heather said...

I'M GIGGLING PRETTY Hard right now!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

cute pictures! i'm kind of excited to make brown bag lunches for my kids when they grow up and go to that lame? my used to draw pictures on our bags and i wanna do that, too.

Bethany said...

Heather, your posts are so entertaining!! Love reading your blog! Thanks for the great read. And that story is so funny. I'm glad you can see the humor in every situation!

Cathy Woodruff said...

Heather you are looking good!

jill said...

Heather I must say you are looking pretty Hot!

ruth said...

This is my favorite post. I even read to Scott ,who is shaking his head laughing.

Monica said...

That is too funny! what a sweet wife you are to make your hubby lunch...AND HE SELLS IT!!! haha!! Cute pictures! you look great!

jennrocket said...

hah what a silly boy. it is pretty cute that he sold your lunch, you gotta admit. and that he checked the napkin first! you cutie pies.

julie said...

this totally hits home with me! i was making craig brown bag lunches, too. like just a couple times a week. . i don't think craig sold any of his. but i'm sure he fell into the pressure of going out the lunch too. i actually fell off the bandwagon and he's buying every day again

Shannon said...

Ok, that is hilarious. I can't believe he SOLD it. I can see my hubby just ignoring it in the company fridge until someone threw it out and just going out to lunch anyway, but selling it. At least he was trying to not be wasteful and he came clean. :)