Friday, October 17, 2008

Trying to do my part

I've never been that interested in politics but, for those of you who will be voting, I encourage you to research the candidates and propositions at hand. When it comes to discussing political views, I agree with David Bednar when he said, "people can talk, they can appreciate each other and they can have divergent and very different points of view, and they can still get along. And they can even still love each other.” So if you disagree with me, don't hate me.

Fact: Proposition 8 does not take away from same-sex couples any rights that they currently have under a legal civil union.

I truly believe that gay couples should have all the same civil rights as heterosexual couples. I feel the same way as Obama's Vice Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, when he stated that neither "Barack Obama, nor I, support redefining... what constitutes marriage... The bottom line though is... that there should be no civil rights distinction, none whatsoever, between a committed gay couple and a committed heterosexual couple." (California Family Code, 297.5)
I don't believe this issue is about discrimination in any way, but the definition of the word marriage.

Fact: Because public schools are already required to teach the role of marriage in society as part of the curriculum, if Prop 8 doesn't pass, schools will be required to teach students that gay marriage is the same as traditional marriage, starting with kindergartners.

This is already happening in Massachusetts, where same-sex marriage was legalized in 2004. A father in Massachusettes was even arrested for "trespassing" when he went to his child's school to demand a permission slip so that he could remove his children from school on the day that homosexual marriage would be discussed. 
It's already happening here in California, where a 1st grade class was taken to their teacher's lesbian wedding as a "field trip."
Even right now there is a bill on Gov. Schwarzenegger's desk waiting to be singed, bill AB 2567, that will officially designate May 22nd as "Harvey Milk Day," where children as young as kindergarten will be taught about different sexual orientations. (You can call 916-445-2841 and press "2" to oppose this bill- it only takes 1  minute).

Fact:  If Prop 8 doesn't pass, it will create “inevitable clashes between religious liberty and free speech.” -David Bednar

If Prop 8 doesn't pass, it will be considered discrimination to preach in churches that homosexuality is a sin. 

"Religious institutions that publicly express their religious disapproval of same-sex marriage risk hate-speech and hate-crime litigation." -The Becket Fund (in the case ofKerrigan et. Al. v. Commissioner of Public Health et.)

Church's could lose their tax exemption status on the basis that they are a "discriminatory organization."
In Massachusettes, the Catholic Church has had to shut down their adoption agency rather than compromise their beliefs.  

I believe marriage is a very special, very sacred religious union between one man and one woman. I don't have hate for anyone. Calling myself a "Christian" does not make me a hypocrite. Christ loved everyone, but he did not condone everything. And I don't want the right to teach my child the difference between right and wrong taken away from me. That's all. 
  • If you're not registered to vote- you can register here. It's easy & free!
  • If you are going to vote "No" on 8- thank you for hearing me out.
  • If you are undecided- do some research and really think about the issues presented.
  • If you are going to vote "Yes"- you can help out. Get a yard sign, bumper sticker, volunteer time, talk to your friends & family.


ruth said...

Heather hat was really well put.Thank you

Beth said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write about such an important issue.

One of my biggest concerns if this passes is... where will the line be drawn? People are saying that we shouldn't discriminate... What about Polygamy or Incest if they are consenting adults?

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

I would’ve loved being reminded this when I posted political stuff…So don't worry, even if we don't agree on everything, you're my cousin, you're a great person, and I love you. However I’m very hurt that instead of replying directly to me about the post about Prop 8 I made you did this and didn’t even mention the fact it was posted the same day as mine and is clearly directed at me.

I have a ton of things to say in response to the content of the post (like the many rights that aren't given in civil unions), but like I said before I’m very hurt about yours means of responding to my post and right now I want you to focus on that instead of the polical things I have to say. Because the way you acted like I didn’t exist. Part of me wants write a big post on my page in response to yours and act like it’s not about your post when it clearly is to "get even." But I’m going to try to be the better person and not do such a disrespectful and hurtful thing.

heather said...

hey crystal.
i'm really sorry if i hurt you. my blog was not targeted AT anyone- just expressing my opinions. you are my cousin, i have no reason to want to hurt you and i do really love you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the deleted post was? Too controversial? If like Bednar said there would be clashes of religious freedom and the freedom of speach, why hasnt this come up in Mass? Why havent we heard about this? Seems like a scare tactic to me.

Okamoto Family said...

Way to go Heather! I commend you on standing up for what you believe in.

Lynsey said...

Heather, that was very well said, I want to post it on my blog, but I'll give you the credit. Thanks

rookie cookie said...

Well put. Proud to say I have a ballot coming to Utah so I can vote on this important, delicate issue. My main concern? What my nieces and nephews and Wendy will be taught in school. It's enough to go to a charter school or home school.

To me, it's a fight for families. When they talk about the last days and us having to fight, this is what it means. We have to fight for what is right and true.

Okamoto Family said...

Can I post it on my blog too?

Bethany said...

What a great post Heather. I didn't even know about the issue, but I like everything you said. Is this just for California, or nationwide?