Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Rachel Ramona!

*heather & rachel, fall 1985
(here you can totally see who wendy inherited her right-cheek-only-dimple from)

Today is my baby sister's birthday! Since I'm stuck in a hospital bed and can't go hang out with her (more on that later), I decided to celebrate her birth from this bed on my husband's work laptop.

*Laguna Beach, 1990

Rachel was born when I was 18 months old. She saved my life just by being born, literally. Long story short: soon after being born, Rachel stopped breathing a couple times for no apparent reason and had to go into the ICU. Because of this, my parents qualified for medical and we were able to get a MUCH better family docotor who took one look at me and said they needed to operate asap. I had an infected "dermoid cyst" on my nose and the infection was rapidly spreading and could have quickly killed me or caused brain damage. So because of Rachel, my life was spared by access to better medical care. Whenever we used to fight growing up, my mom would quickly remind us of this story and tell us that we must have been such special friends in heaven before we were born that Rachel offered to come to earth to save my life. I used to just roll my eyes but I know it's probably true. Predestined or not, I'm still thankful for Rachel.

*New York, 2007

Another reason I love Rachel is because she's the only person in the world who knows exactly where I'm coming from. Being so close in age, we shared almost everything growing up- friends, schools, bedrooms, life experiences, etc. Although there are 4 children in my family, and we all have the same parents/upbringing, I feel like Rachel is the only person in the world who had the exact same childhood as me. It's refreshing to have someone who understands where you're coming from and why you are the way you are.

Rachel inspires me.
Sometimes I feel like she's my big sister. I've always been the one who stresses out easier, but she's always been so happy-go-lucky and reminds me to stay balanced. She's been a shoulder to cry on through break-ups and mean "friends" in high school. Even though she hates talking on the phone :), I know I can call her if I ever need to talk or vent. She's so talented. She's incredibly crafty with a sewing machine AND better than the boys in almost any sport she plays. She's getting her masters this year and I am SO proud of her!

Happy birthday Rachel! I'm so happy you were born. And not just because you saved my life but because I get to have you in it.


Larsen Party 24/7 said...

those old pictures are so cute. i love the shirtless overalls look. :) and what a sweet post for rachel! and i knew it was cyst on your nose that had to be operated on, but i didn't know it could have been fatal! i bet your mom was so scared and grateful when they figured out what it was and that they caught it in time. good job rachel for saving heather's life! :)

Rachel said...

Awww sister this is the sweetest blog anyone has ever made for me! Thank you so much. I'm glad I was able to save your life so you could be a part of mine. I hope your foot is feeling better.

Jones Family said...

I love Rachel too!
I love the pink yarn bows in your hair. So cute! I think that should come back in style! Such a cute retro look.

jenn king said...

so sweet!!!!!

Sarah said...

The old pictures are super cute. Hospital? I hope you are doing O.K.

Shannon said...

What a sweet post. Sisters are the best and it sure is fun to be close both in age and emotionally. I had never heard that story about Rachel saving your life. That's a miracle. Wow. Anyway, Happy Birthday Rachel!
PS-You're in the hospital?!? What happened?

Beth said...

ahhhhhhh! What a sweet blog! I love that you and Rachel are so close! I am so proud of both of you. I am sorry...if I was a better mom I would post blogs about you both to honor you on your birthdays...may be next year1

You forgot to mention that when you and Rachel would have a disagreement and Rachel was upset she would yell " I SAVED YOUR LIFE!!!!" just to remind you that you owed her big time :p