Monday, January 18, 2010

Did you think to pray?

I only work 2 days a week, but every time I come home from work I am amazed at how much Wendy has grown. Maybe it's the guilt I feel for leaving her at all, but it's like I walk in the house expected to greet the 18 month old Wendy only to find a 3 year old. Just for that first second I am so shocked when she smiles big and gives me an endearing, 2-syllabled "HHHIIIIIiiiiiiiii!" Then opens her arms up wide and adds, "Mommy, hug?"

I could go on and on
about the things she's recently started saying, but I'll just stick with my favorite. We have our bedtime routine down and it includes family prayers. Usually she just folds her arms and giggles through my ssshh's, then claps her hands when I say, "Amen," and looks around like, "Why aren't you guys clapping?" But Sunday night, when I finished she said, "Again?" So I told her, "Okay, again. You say the prayer." I did NOT expect her to really do it. She folds her arms and slowly rattled off:


Then the next night, she got even more into it:

Listening to her say her simple prayers makes me giggle and get choked up at the same time. I love that little girl and I absolutely love being her mom.


jenn king said...

that is SOOO cute! i cannot believe how big she has gotten!

Sarah said...

I love your little Wendy, this is too cute.

Jones Family said...

So sweet, I just love that little girl. She helps me remember how wonderful it was when Hannah was that small.
I like how foofa was the first person she blessed. I hope you can make it tomorrow, but I understand if you can't.

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

oh my gosh those little prayers are so cute. i bet it's dang hard to have to work and be away from your baby, i feel guilty that i get to just stay home with penny. that picture of her is DARLING.

Beth said...

Love that girl! You are soooooo blessed to have job where you make the average full time pay working part time...only 2 days a week.

Not to mention wendy's grandmas are blessed to get to watch her 1 day a week each! (my favorite day of the week!)

Anonymous said...

That our girl! and so are you, little Heather.
Enjoy she is fantastic!
Love Tata Pierre and Gwendolyn

Cathy Woodruff said...

I'm chocked up reading this... what a sweet little spirit