Sunday, January 12, 2014

One week old!

Juniper Belle at one week old:
  • weighs 8lbs 4oz (76%)
  • 20 inches long (68%)
  • head circumfrence (71%)
  • loves to sleep all day and party all night :)
  • eats every 2 - 3 hours
  • LOVES to be naked (uh oh - hope she grows out of that one eventually ;)). When I get her naked to give her a sponge bath or change her clothes she calms down, her movements slow down and she seems to get very calm and awake. 
  • gets the hiccups ALL the time, like almost after every burping (so basically after every feeding). used to get the hiccups every single night in my tummy, and it's fun to get to see them live and recognize that feeling that used to be on the inside. 
  • likes to stick both legs straight out, she did it soon after she was born and does it all the time. It's like she's finally getting to stretch after being curled up in a ball for nine months.
  • loves her swing (which is good for me. I don't think I even used it for Wendy, but by baby #3, sadly, I have to put her down more than I'd like to to be a mother to the other children. I hate putting her down, but I remember my aunt Ruth once telling me that a new baby won't remember that you put them down for a little while, but the older children will remember if you stop picking them up and giving them attention. It's good advice for me. I could happily sit and hold her all day.)

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Shannon said...

Oh Heather she is just precious! I love her name too. Good work!

I hear you about having to put her down, but that's good advice. She won't remember and will be fine if you let her chill in the swing, but the bigger ones will definitely notice if you spend less time with them on your lap. It's a juggling act for sure, but I have no doubt you can handle it and will do it with grace and style. Hugs! :)