Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2 months already!

June at 2 months old
  • 12lbs, 15oz
  • 23 inches long
  • cooing & "talking" now
  • smiling ALL the time, all i have to do is make intense eye contact with her & smile big and she smiles right back. she has a faint dimple on her right cheek and when she smiles, her eyes smile more than her mouth does- like two little half moons
  • first trip to the beach! we went to Huntington on Dec. 30th! she slept the whole time in her sling.
  • went to her first (and second and third and fourth) movie. The Hobit, Hunger Games, then Saving Mr. Banks and Frozen. The little sweetheart slept the whole time. We went to early showings so the theaters would hopefully be more empty. I love movies and was going through with-drawls with all the good holiday films that came out while I was in newborn hibernation. 
  • favorite way to be held is on my right shoulder. she's got such a strong neck and holds her own head up already. she loves to look around. my favorite part of holding her on my shoulder is that she always sucks on her little fist. she did it right out of the womb, but has stopped because i swaddle her fists down & stick a binki in her mouth. so it warms my heart a little because its the only time she does it anymore.
  • also loves to lay flat on the couch or bed - she prefers to be sprawled out  


Melany said...

Ahh! She is so adorable!! Love the close up pic right underneath your list of stats. Soo pretty!

Shannon said...

She is such a beautiful baby! It's so fun when they are tiny. You could just stare at them all day. :) Thanks for all those sweet photos!

Beth said...

Beautiful girl