Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 3 in Portland: Forest Park

On of the activities I was most looking forward to doing in Portland was hiking in Forest Park. It's a 30 mile wide forest right in Portland with tons of beautiful trails. We got a little lost trying to find our trail head. Okay, a lot lost, but we weren't on foot yet so it was actually fun. We got so high up into the mountain it started snowing. Maybe it's because I'm a California girl who isn't used to snow, but there's just something magical about being in a quiet forest with snow fluttering down around you. I loved it.

Ryan & I were tripping out on how cool the scenery was. We've been camping a lot, but never in a forest like this. Because of the constant moisture and the climate there, every tree was SO green and covered in hanging moss. Not to mention the babbling brook running along the trail. It was like something out of a fairy tale or furn gully or twilight. 

On our hike we found an old, abandoned, stone building that was over run with moss and vines. It was rad. Ryan thought it was a little eerie, but I had to climb all over it and explore. We had fun trying to guess what the building had been, but I found out online afterward that it was just an old public restroom from the early 1900's (not as fun as what we were coming up with but still awesome). 

Right before our hike I found out I was pregnant with baby #3, and during our hike I found a pretty spot to share the wonderful news with Ryan. You can read a little more in depth about it HERE if you want to. :) After the hiking we tried to go to the Japanese gardens - closed. Then we went to the rose gardens - not in season. So we did what we do best and went back to the hotel for a long afternoon nap.

For dinner that night we ate at the food carts. Another fun fact about Portland: there are no fast food restaurants. I didn't see a SINGLE drive thru (which I would have been annoyed with if I lived there and had to get my kids out of the car all the time - as a mom, I wish EVERY store were a drive thru). Instead of fast food there are HUNDREDS of these food carts! I love the opportunity for ma & pop start up restaurants. Ryan ate at a thai food cart and I ate at a gourmet grilled cheese and soup cart called "Bread & Broth." It was delicious! And the colorful carts lining the street are so cute.

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