Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And then there were three...

Remember how we had those four birds? Remember that one time when Whitish escaped the cage and spent the day canoodling with beautiful blonde babes in the barbie dream mansion? Well, he finally did it. He busted out of the cage, chewed up half the screens in the sunroom/patio/playroom, and made a hole large enough to make his great escape. 

Ryan says he isn't that bummed. Isn't bummed at all actually. If I would have known he wouldn't care, maybe they all would have "escaped" a long time ago... Or not. I'm not brave enough to open that cage door and try to usher free flying birds out of the room. 

Farewell Whitish.

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Melany said...

Whitish just wanted to be free to sow his wild oats I guess. But welcome bunny Ozlo! (Great name!) Bunnies are tons cuter than lizards or birds. More kid friendly, too. He's so cute! And a dwarf bunny that always stays bunny-size?! So cute. I'm so excited for baby Williams #3!