Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Twenty-Twelve

*I call this picture "Oh, HARVEY!" I mean, seriously..

Happy Halloveen from zee Vilhelm family! 
(my dad told me "Wilhelm" is the German form of "Williams.")
   *Hansel & Gretel

I have been waiting and waiting for my children to fit into their authentic German lederhosen and dirndl. When the time finally came around Halloween, I had to take advantage and talk Wendy into wearing it as her costume. It was easy because she loves this outfit and she also loves the creepy classic fairy tales like "Hansel & Gretel" (anyone else find that story a little disturbing?). On Halloween, it was a very appropriate choice, with them on the hunt for treats all night.

Harvey is ALMOST walking. While we were trick-or-treating, he went up to a couple of doors for some candy, holding on to either my or my mother's pointer finger. He made a ghost-like, "OOOoooh!" at every pumpkin, witch, and ghost he saw (he's been doing that all month long and I love it).

*check out that pose! it was all her.
For Wendy's school Halloween party, I made her a red velvet cloak and gave her a basket so she didn't need her little brother as a side kick for everyone to understand what her costume was. She looked pretty dang adorable in it too. She also loves "Little Red Riding Hood," another creepy classic (am I right?).


Mark Living Dead said...

very nice

Melany said...

adorable! i love their leiderhosen (sp?), they remind me of sound of music von trapp children. and i love that all of 4 of you matched! we need to do that one of these years. and wendy's pose is awesome.

c(*oo*)o said...

Love that first photo especially! So cute!