Thursday, August 23, 2012

Good Day.

Reasons why today was awesome:

1. I got a special visit from my good friends, Lana & Melany, who were visiting from Utah. I love them. They're the kind of girls that make you feel comfortable, even though you haven't seen them for years, even though your patio room is a wreck and you're not wearing any make-up, even though your lovely daughter decided to have a crazy meltdown because you won't give her "fifty-thousand m&m's for lunch." It's like we've been hanging out every day for years.

2. Wendy fell asleep cuddling with me on the couch during "quiet time" (the special mommy & wendy time when Harvey is napping, where we do quiet activities, so as to not wake baby brother up). She was obviously pretty tired after the show of a tantrum she threw for my friends. I loved the rare cuddling and the 2 hours that both my children were asleep at the same time.

3. After my babies woke up rested, we headed off to a little place called Disneyland for dinner with my parents & siblings. I love that I live close enough to just go for dinner and a ride.

Good day.

*our kids, minus sweet Penny, who was deep in dollhouse heaven


Melany said...

i loved chatting and catching up! our kiddos just instantly began playing together, so fun. and is it bad that i thought wendy throwing a fit was funny and sorta cute?...especially the fifty thousand m'n'ms part. i mean, if you're gonna ask for m'n'ms, go big right? and i can't believe we ran into you again at pieology! it's like we were meant to hang out. it's true, it's like a day hasn't passed!

and sorry about your sunburned lips below! good thing you're at a job with masks haha.

Shannon said...

Fun! Hanging with the Balmforth ladies is always a good time. Love the cause of Wendy's meltdown. Oh kids are great. :) Wierd to think that we all have them now. I think we might be real adults now.

Beth said...

Did Wendy really ask for 50,000 m&m's?? I am guessing she asked because that is what give her for lunch when I babysit her.

So happy you were able to hang out with the Balmforth girls and their adorable children and then meet us at Disneyland for a quick ride & dinner

Lana said...

I loved seeing you and your fam! And I agree with Mel, Wendy's tantrum was kind of funny and cute. I wish we adults could throw tantrums that cute. And you were such a good, patient mommy with her. And your house is adorable. And you are gorgeous. And it was fun hanging out. The end. :)