Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Flagwest Truckstop Motel

SO... this was our home for the last couple of nights! The actual name of this motel is the "Flagwest Truckstop Motel," in Downey Idaho. If you want to check in, fill your ice bucket or get your free continental breakfast, you do it at the gas station. There are nothing but hills, farm lands and an empty open road near by. Ryan said this was the kind of place you only see in horror movies. I felt like it was a fun adventure, but I just really love staying in hotels/motels. Maybe I would have been a little more nervous about it if every single room wasn't occupied by members of my own family (for the reunion).

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Melany said...

so much to catch up on! agreed, that motel looks scary, but so fun that all your family was in every single room!

i looove sammy's. i've been to the one in provo a few times since it's around the corner from where a market that i do twice a year, and we always get a pie shake there. a-ma-zing.

penny also hated the fireworks this year - what is up with that?? maybe it's the age.

love the pics of the swim lessons! your kids are so cute!!